Adapter VGA2HDMI – 942620

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MINI VGA Converter in HDMI with audio support. It allows us to convert a VGA and analog audio signal (Jack 3.5mm) to a HDMI digital output.

It is an ideal and economical option to connect the image of a computer, or laptop with VGA image output on a TV or Projector with HDMI input. Along with the VGA input, it can receive audio signal (Jack 3.5mm) from your PC or laptop and convert it to HDMI digital output to have parallel digital image and digital audio transmission through the output HDMI of the inverter.

It operates with a USB feed (5V) and for this reason, it includes in the USB-end power cable for direct feed from the USB port from your PC or your laptop.

It does not include HDMI, VGA or Jack 3.5mm audio cable.

Operating features:

  • VGA (15-pin feminine) entry
  • Analog audio input with Jack 3.5mm female
  • Digital HDMI signal input (female plug on the inverter)
  • USB power supply (includes a USB cable for PC / laptop power supply