CCTV – RL07L – 486499

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  • Detached house with a boutonniere of a bell button – with 3 doorphones and by intercom.
  • Includes a single boutonniere, three door phones and the power supply
  • also operate as intercom between 3 thighs.
  • Boutonniere with aluminum finishing, moisture-resistant. It is made of high-strength materials and contains microphone / earpiece of excellent quality and acoustics.
  • Boutonie has a place for The listing of a name.
  • Door phones have a bouton to open the front door and two numbered keys to call the intercom with any other two doors want.
  • need 4 cables < / li>
  • The power supply is placed near the phone in our house and is small-sized “PAC” or through the internal wiring near the boutonniere.
  • Bottle Dimensions (External): 12cm Width X 20 cm Height
  • Dimensions Situator (scaffolding at the back): 9 cm Width X 15cm Height
  • Door-projection dimensions: 9cm x 21 cm
  • Instructions for use in English