Inflatable Neck Relief Pillow – 413008

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Anatomic, orthopedic, inflatable neck support collar.

Idian for those suffering from cervical syndrome. It is particularly designed to relieve tension, headaches, stress, improve the circulatory and discharge vertebrae discs.
It easily blows with handhelds such as pressurers.
Basen up to 80 kg pressure.
You can carry it and have it with you always and everywhere, your workplace or travel.
The product consists of the airbag, valve and pump while in the area that comes in contact with the bottom Jungle consists of velvety soft material.

It is very simple, wearing it on your neck, snap the pump and fill with air until you feel enough pressure so that the airbag can support the throat your. When you want to take it just unscrew the valve and deflates.