LED Lamps – AUTO / MOTO – HEADLIGHTS – H11 – ROLINGER – 666789

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Maximum driving safety especially during the evening hours, since they illuminate flawlessly, while their absolutely vertical adjustment properly distributes the light resulting in more lighting on the road from common lamps. They offer white 6000k lighting while their construction is without infrared or ultraviolet radiation. Ideal for those who lead during the night.


  • 2 x Lamps (2x30w) Cree Led CAN BUS new generation with double LED. Compact Design without Ballast
  • Voltage: 9 – 30V DC
  • Waterproofing: IP67
  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • lumen: 2 x 3000lm
  • power: 2x30w
  • 360 degree CAN BUS
  • 2 pieces