Mirror with screen 4.3 ‘& Rear Camera – FULL HD 1080P – HH-9071

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Perfect all-in-one integration. With this product, your car will have all the functions of Dash Cam, Car-Reverse System and Anti-Orbiting Mirror … Double video inputs can record the beautiful scenery and traffic moments in your driving both and from behind. When your car is moving with D-Gear, the front view will understand the main part of the screen. When you change the gear to R speed, the rear view will automatically occupy the entire screen. The anti-glare blue screen will rest your eyes when you look at the mirror and automatically display the reverse image when you select R-Gear to secure driving security. The wide optical optical imaging camera, CMD24, is 100% waterproof so you can install this camera outside the car to have a wider and better rear view.

1) 8.3 ” Quality

2) Reversal angle, viewing angle of 140 degrees

3) Parking monitoring

4) High lens fidelity

5 Recording

6) Motion detection

7) Built-in G-Shock sensor