Professional teeth cleaning device – YX-880 – Bodyland – 190442

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Water Flosser Professional Dental 600ml by Bodyland
Portable and rechargeable waterproof Water Flosser with water tank for home. ▶ This teeth device can clean in depth between the teeth and under the gum line, and remove all that can not be achieved by traditional brushing and thread. ▶ The device has 3 modes. You can choose regular, soft and pulse functions to cover different oral care needs. Pulse mode can provide 30-110PSI water pressure to massage in gums, thus improving oral health. Is a reliable & amp; detachable teeth cleaner. It is rechargeable, can be used for 28 days after a full 4-hour charging, charges with USB. How to use the device: ▶ Install the device at a fixed level. ▶ Fill the water container. ▶ Press the “Operation” button to select the desired function. ▶ Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn it on. ▶ Drive the nozzle to the teeth and the gums at an angle of 90 °. ▶ Can not be used when charging, you must disconnect the power supply after full charge before use Make sure the tank is properly closed.