Thermal waistband – SELF HEATING WAIST – 413114

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Thermal waist zone with tourmaline – SELF HEATING WAIST

The bioenergy thermal zone with tourmaline is designed to prevent sports injuries and protect against injuries while relieving pains and back pains!


Pain Relief
Activate Blood Traffic
Bio-Electric Body Leveling
Toxin Clearing Acceleration
Muscle Relaxation

To relieve intensity, the zone ensures the activation and improvement of the micro-circulation of the haematic, resulting in all pain points to be relieved.
With the help of Termalene technology, it releases negative ions on purpose Activation of cells and the promotion of Body PH balancing.
Helps to accelerate toxin clearance.
Relieves pain, reduces the swelling of the discs, relaxes the muscles.

Suitable for:

Patients with lumbar and muscle strain, lumbar disc protrusion etc.
People who feel cold in the lower abdomen in the middle, stomach etc. < BR /> People Obese who want to lose weight as the autosmic zone acts as a sweating zone!

How to use:

The Self Heating Waist Bionic Zone can be worn for 2 hours Approximately, causing redness and increase in temperature in the waist area. After removal, redness is gradually eliminated, and the pain is relieved!

Application fields:

• Back and pelvic area
• Swelling and weakness of lower limbs
• Nervolia and muscle spasms
• Gastrointestinal discomfort
• Circulatory problems
• Nervol intensity, stress, fatigue
• Living life

Eliminate pain that Caused by cold and moisture
Relieve the symptoms of fatigue and medium pain
Relieve pain in joints by changing the weather
Fights the numbness
Suitable for people with a living room Lifestyle but also athletes
Suitable for drivers who spend many hours still and sediments