UV / LED Nail Purple – Sun X5 Plus – 631316

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Sun 5x PLUS 80W Nail Pool in 3D metallic color. It contains 45 LEDs strategically placed so that there are no “dead bands” ensuring maximum performance without loss in polymerization. Excellent manufacturing quality, ideal for contiguous and intensive use without causing the “burning” in polymerization.


  • DOUBLE FASTER FASHION : From 315nm to 400nm
  • Sensor that activates the device once you insert your hand and turns off when removed.
  • Digital LED time indicator.
  • sun light Eye protection lighting
  • Timers: 10 “, 30”, 60 “and 99” S
  • Input voltage: 100-240V
  • Size: 22 cm * 10 cm * 13 cm

    Colors: Silver, pink, blue (note the color you want in your order notes – Send up to availability)

    • Sun 5x Plus 80W in metallic color 3D Model 2021

    • Charger
    • Instructions for use
    • Color: Silver, Fuchsia, Blue