Vehicle Detection Device – GPS Tracker – GPS / SMS – TK103B – 501035

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The new GPS Tracker 103-B satellite system poses new security innovations, locating, vehicle tracking and monitoring.

fully supports the SMS / GPRS / Internet data transmission functions so that it can be used widely on a global scale. It is recommended for cars and trucks.

Notifications are sent to the mobile as well as the mission of its current position with date, time, speed, etc. is based on the GSM / GPRS Telecommunications Network (850/900 / 1800 / 1900MHz) And wireless internet, quickly detects via mobile phone with Google Maps and Google Earth.

is the most complete anti-theft system GPS and automatic alert alarm. Designed for a permanent connection to the vehicle’s battery, (12-24V) can accept vibration sensor, microSD, fuel measurement sensor and relay with wiring wiring with locking and disarming door unlocking (via Remote Control or by message)

Features and functions

  • Quadruple command remote controls (to arming, disarming, SOS button)
  • Small in size, (as long as a cigarette package) Dimensions: 83 x 54 x 26 mm, weight: 120g
  • Server-free orientation support: It detects lightning, with a geographic length, time and speed (Send Link Googls MAPS)
  • Using a web server (optional): World map software by entering the IMEI can you see Real Time movement & amp; History Record
  • If your goal enters underground parking or a GPS blind spot the tracker can inform you of the last position.
  • Papers with mobile phone antennas (LBS) No GPS signal
  • Send an absolute SMS address and display on the Web Server
  • Tracking with a delimited notification frequency
  • Monitoring with unlimited notification frequency < LI> SMART by Time and Distance Determination
  • Remote Motion SMS Motion and Motion Receipt
  • Arming and Disarming GPS Tracker with Remote Control (For Door Opening Violation, Engine Startup )
  • Timing and frequency tracking function
  • Reset (RESET) with SMS command and button on device
  • Input Power: 12V-24V DC Safe Connection to Each vehicle
  • LED signals for GSM, GPS and switch on-of
  • can be Straight or deleted 5 Authorized Numbers for all
  • Hidden SOS Buttons for Immediate Notification to Authorized Numbers.
  • Alarm mode and audio conversation tracking (with external microphone)
  • Geo-fence: Creating a geographical fence on the unit to reduce movements within an area. The unit will send the message to Tel. Numbers when the limits are breached
  • alarm alert in case of disconnection of power (attempt)
  • Door opening alarm, Pork Pawper, Capp. etc.
  • Engine Startup Alarm
  • Trapping or Lifting Alarm with Adjustable Sensitivity (Optional)
  • can be connected to the factory horn of the vehicle or optionally by siren (12-24V)
  • Motion alert: can notify authorized numbers when the vehicle moves upon command.
  • Exceeding speed limit: You can adjust the speed limit with a fixed value Tained. If a threshold is exceeded, it will send alarm alert.
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Check control with one command < LI> Multiple Application Management (destination arrival)
  • Automatically update the vehicle If you change direction
  • Recording lost coordinates via MicroSD card In case of signal loss
  • Promotion Message and SIM Card Billing Check
  • DRIFT Satellite Suppression
  • Wiring 10 PIN


      • GPS Tracker (with Battery 3,7V Battery)
      • Microphone External
      • Remote Control
      • 2 external GSM and GPS antennas
      • Complete wiring (SOS and RESET BUTTON button)
      • Immobilizer relay < / ul>


        • Dimensions: 64mm x 46mm x 17mm (1 .8 “x2.5” x0.65 “)
        • Car loading 12V-24V INPUT 3.7V
        • Weight: 120g (cigarette pack size)
        • Network: GSM / GPRS
        • Frequency GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
        • GPS Sensitivity: -159dbm
        • GPS Accuracy: 3m < LI> CE Certification and Quality Control