Waterproof Projector with Solar Panel – LED FLOOD LIGHT SOLAR – 30W – 678153S

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LED JD8800 30W solar headlamp, timer waterproof.

Take advantage of solar energy, save and illuminate your space easily and mainly free!

features a built-in light sensor and activated with the sunset. Ideal for lighting in cottages, gardens, entrances, garages, trees, outdoor spaces, parking, scenes, caravans, boats, warehouses, etc.

The photovoltaic collector charges the rechargeable batteries included in the collector, and So you have free lighting overnight. You can also charge the projector to the outside and then use it as an internal lighting.

Installation is particularly simple: turn it on by putting the switch to ON and place the collector in a sunny area. < / p>

The photovoltaic collector must be placed to be positioned as much as possible solar radiation as possible. Shadows of trees or other objects affect the charging of the batteries from the solar collector depending on the area, we recommend placing the collector to the south.

Product Features:

  • 3-meter cable to connect solar panel with the projector
  • wireless control on / off
  • Technical specifications:
  • LED power: 30w
  • Operating time: 10-30 hours of full charging
  • Solar panel: 32W
  • Battery: 36000mAh
  • feature a timer < / li>
  • Waterproofing: IP67

    The package includes:

  • The solar panel
  • the projector
  • wireless remote control