Wireless Headphones based on Charge – TWS – A88 – White

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Wireless Bluetooth Airpods Headphones are really a product that allows you to manage your phone calls and listen to music while moving. Apply with comfort and stability to your ear and you can receive or accept phone calls without holding the mobile in your hands and without the presence of annoying cables. You can listen to the songs you have stored on your mobile phone. Ideal for professionals working on their mobile continuously, as well as guides that must have their hands free during driving.

Compatible with most mobile and smartphones (Android, iOS, Microsoft) Bluetooth 5.0 capable.


• Bluetooth NEW 5.0 Touch Binaural Call

• Remove headphones

• Automatic start

• Automatic connection,

• With high-configuration of a copper speaker

• Play (Pause) Music / Call Reply

• Press the left ( right) headset

• Go to the next piece of music.

• Cancel the open call and convert it into closed

Product Parameters:

• Product weight: 4-5gr (each handset).

• Talk time: 2-2.5 hours.

• Standby time: 100 / hours For a headset and 60 / hours for both headphones.

• Charge time: 1-1.5 hours.

• Battery capacity of a headset: 35mah. < P> • Battery: 350mAh .

• Wireless distance: 10 meters.