Wireless Headphones based on Charging – TWS – I888 – White

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Wireless TWS I888 headphones are the next generation model with excellent design and excellent high quality sound. The best touch headphones with great sound and powerful battery and fast wireless charging! Excellent audio quality when you talk on the phone, the sound goes both headphones, 5.0 Bluetooth version (highest audio transmission speed and audio purity), long battery life! If you want cheap high quality headphones, this model will thank you. Charging the battery provides the ability to listen to music continuously for two to three hours. If you are away from the socket, the charging case will give an additional 10 hours of time. Charging and Notification Indicators. Smart Case – When you open the lid, headphones are automatically activated and connected immediately after inserting them in their holder and close the lid, headphones are turned off and charging starts. Support for all Bluetooth mobile phones, connect to tablet or laptop to track movies or listening to music Elegant modern wireless charging case new I888 TWS headphones with touch key support.

product parameters

1. Product weight: 4-5g (a handset).

2. Operating time: up to 3 hours.

3. Standby time: Up to 100 / hour

4. Charge time: 40 minutes.

5. Battery capacity of a headset: 35 mAh.

6. Charger: 350 mAh.

7. Wireless distance: 10 meters

8. Compatible Cell Phones: Headphones are compatible with Android, iOS, Microsoft, etc., 100% Bluetooth mobile phones.