Xenon Lamps – H1 – 35W – Rolinger – 238204

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Three times greater brightness than halogen lamps, 300% more brightness: 6000 K.
Low consumption
Best visibility in ugly weather conditions eg. Rain, fog
More than 3000 hours of life. Extension of battery operating due to low consumption
Color temperature 6000k
Easy placement without additional components from those provided in the set.
Extremely clear and clear brightness
Five times Lamp life < BR /> Easy placement

Ballast Parameter
VIN: 23 KV
VNORM: 13.2 V
POWER: 35 Watt
TCASE: -40 C – +105 C
Buld Parameter
Color Temp. : Crystal White = 6000K
Life: 3000 h

In the kit Includes:
Complete HID Kit
2 Slim High Voltage Transformers (23KV)
2 xenon lamps H1
2 x Support Bases